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The sensor can show the following: One value returned by the executable file or script (in one channel only) Execution time   EXE/Script Sensor Click here to enlarge: http://media.paessler.com/prtg-screenshots/exe_script.png Remarks Note: Choose between: Discard EXE result : Do not store the requested web page. Notifications Click the Notifications tab to change notification triggers. For a full list of all placeholders please see the API documentation in your PRTG installation.

The file will be overridden with each scanning interval. Others For more general information about settings, please see the Object Settings section. Dependencies can be used to pause monitoring for an object depending on the status of another. Maintenance Window Specify if you want to set up a one-time maintenance window. http://www.file.net/process/custom.exe.html

Rohit Singh 20,753 views 3:12 How to add an icon to ANY .exe or game - Duration: 1:49. It is award-winning SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client integrated into one software program for file transfer to FTP server or secure SFTP server. [More] And it's free! Tags Enter one or more Tags, separated by space or comma.

Loading... Choose from one star (low priority) to five stars (top priority). Please enter an integer value. In this case, PRTG will try to display all sensor channels.

Why is custom.exe giving me errors? Previous Page  |  Back to ToC  |  Next Page   For detailed information on how to build custom sensors and for the expected return format, please see the API documentation in your PRTG installation. http://www.processlibrary.com/en/directory/files/custom/405661/ Environment Choose if PRTG's command line parameters will also be available as environment parameters.

This process is not considered CPU intensive. Please enter an integer value. Top priority is at the top of a list. For each user group you can choose from the following access rights: Inherited : Use the access rights settings of the parent object.

It is a highly flexible and generic software for monitoring IT infrastructure, already in use at enterprises and organizations of all sizes and industries. my site Please enter a string or leave the field empty. Need help? Stack Unit This setting is only available if stacked graphs are selected above.

In the device tree, the last value of the primary channel will always be displayed below the sensor's name. The following settings for this sensor differ in the 'Add Sensor' dialog in comparison to the sensor's settings page. For example, it is a good idea to make a Ping sensor the master object for its parent device to pause monitoring for all other sensors on the device in case The file name is "Result of Sensor [ID].txt" in the "Logs (Sensors)" directory.

Most non-system processes that are running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system. Boshko Savich 15,446 views 6:33 How to make a .EXE File - Duration: 6:20. By default, this is the Windows system user account (if not manually changed). After the master object for this dependency goes back to Up status, PRTG will start monitoring the depending objects after this extra delayed.

Scanning Interval Scanning Interval Select a scanning interval (seconds, minutes, or hours) from the list. Do you have additional information? I applied an english patch to Perfect Cherry Blossom, but unlike Embodiment of a Scarlet Devil, the "custom.exe" was not translated.

Note: When using custom sensors on the Cluster Probe , please copy your files to every cluster node installation.

TheHackTips 24,985 views 3:50 Make Java Executable - Duration: 4:43. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Sign in to add this video to a playlist. In the device tree, the last value of the primary channel will always be displayed below the sensor's name.

custom.exe is a CUSTOM belonging to PenPower Input Tool from PenPower Non-system processes like custom.exe originate from software you installed on your system. This option is provided as part of the PRTG Application Programming Interface (API). For more details on access rights, please see the section User Access Rights . For links to more information, please see the More section below.

Recommended: Identify Custom.exe related errors Important: You should check the Custom.exe process on your PC to see if it is a threat. Please enter a string. Should I add the WinSCP.fr file to a new resource data called WINSCP_SOMETHING ? If the reply takes longer than this value defines, the sensor will cancel the request and show a corresponding error message.