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Use msconfig to stop it loading at start. ▀odincus This apparently enables me to set the surround sound settings. Damage to your computer's registry could be compromising your PC's performance and causing system slow-downs and crashes. CtHelper.exe is not a Windows core file. In this way it is a non-essential system process and can be removed from the task-bar/startup (run - msconfig).

I have absolutely NO idea. Google Search for spyware MalwareBytes (spyware removal) Other Processes acroiehelper.dll cdac11ba.exe cdantsrv.exe cthelper.exe ditexp.exe dpmw32.exe iadhide3.dll javaw.exe lexbces.exe nmssvc.exe nopdb.exe rmctrl.exe smagent.exe srvany.exe tempiadhide3.dll wanmpsvc.exe winampa.exe [cthelper.exe in German] [all processes] Just thought it worth a mention that it also can come with software unrelated to soundcard! It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cthelper.exe.html

oki File is used by Creative Soundcard V. Is something wrong? Reportedly if you disable of remove the file, the only adverse effect is that the soundcard doesn't shut down all the speakers when you plug in headphones in a front jack. We recommend that you run a FREE registry scan to identify and list harmful registry entries on your computer.

I'm running a notebook Audigy ZS on an XP MCE machine. Should only use 0 - 1% of cpu & less than 2000k (2mb) of memory. cthelper is unable to launch itself... Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer.

This process is considered safe. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. Aksel Should i kill it? Search to see if its in a windows system folder.

We have also had complaints of PCs freezing when CTHELPER is around, although that is probably another case of 100% CPU utilization. Dev Creative's file, may be desactivated Its harmless, if it causes trouble on your pc, try to config it better XtremeS You can get rid of it, it's useless even if cthelper.exe is a safe process Can I stop or remove cthelper.exe? Responds fine to end task.

Given its purpose CTHELPER would normally be classified as a "leave alone" background task. Is cthelper.exe spyware or a virus? l0thar cthelper part of creative Driver startup. Hogs CPU, spyware uses this name much and can cause much errors.

Chews CPU time KoW Capital letters. Not sure what its function is with this software but I am uninstalling anyway cos I don't like the program. This is NOT a list of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a list of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card Dan if this thing is involved with eax, would disabling it also disable eax surround features in games

Click to Run a Free Scan for CtHelper.exe related errors CtHelper.exe file information CtHelper.exe process in Windows TaskManager The process known as CtHelper Application or CtHelper MFC Application belongs to software If CtHelper.exe is located in the "C:\Program Files" folder, the security rating is 74% dangerous. D.R. Do you have additional information?

mouse209 I tried to install Creative Drivers for my PCMCIA and Trend said I had the Worm Sdbot.Aul and said it clean it, at Trend on the internet it said it seems pretty harmless to me monkboy Not much but just installed sound blaster Alan i removed cthelper from "run" and then sampling with soundcard goes only up to 6000 Hz, I Ebula Background task that works as a plug-in manager for Creative drivers.

Security Rating: --- don't know --- 1 (not dangerous) 2 3 (neutral) 4 5 (dangerous) Your opinion about this file: Web page with more details: Your first name: More process

Ebula came up on my firewall As it appears it is harmless, I have a seen a bug that uses this name with all cap letters running from the root directory. It's hogging your memory. If i shut it down it will return the next time I start the pc. Why?!

Toad` creative soundcard file wily If you disable cthelper.exe, you will almost certainly end up with problems in Windows sound hardware configuration; only do so if it causing problems while running Join and subscribe now! CTHELPER.EXE wont end when i click end process. Ben This file is a real pain as it is always hogging memory up to 98% of available resources, seems to be particularly bad after running demo versions of new games

Rob Seems like it loads with a registry entry about WinDVD - doesnt sound good to me as it looks like Spyware Buck cthelper.exe is present on the installation Audigy 2ZS This was there although i didnt put it there myself. Without it running that check box in Creative speaker setting is not functional (settings are not in sync). http://ask.europe.creative.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE?New,Kb=ww_english_add,Company={D0F19C16-3B20-4E69-BC69-7F708173173D},VARSET=ws:http://dev-enduserRevamp.cle.creaf.com,VARSET=ws:http://it.creative.com,case=2805 It was installed with the IRC client Irssi Client and was located in the program files folder for this program.

I do not have a creative card or anything creative so it isn't that.