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Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid


Internal or configuration error' 2nd Level Text = 'A device target with the network target ID specified cannot be found. Report this error to the PBX Vendor. 72 The invoke Id in the service request is being used by another outstanding service request. Music Unlimited Access over 1 million songs. The call specified is not a controlled call. 13091 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD RETRIEVECALL_ EXCEPTION_UNHOLD JTAPI Gateway – Error on RETRIEVE operation – Exception.

if the zip won't attach to case due to size, drop the traces on ftp-sj.cisco.com/incoming and put the filename in the case. This error should never be returned to an application or appear in the Tserver error logs. Looking at a few other event log entries, some of them have the already open reason code, and some are for invalid device name reason code. Your cache administrator is webmaster. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/voice-unified-communications/icm-cti-desktop/65747-ctios-loginfails.html

Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid

Based on the traces, perform a cti manager restart after office hours in order to resolve the issue. DIGIT_GENERATION_WRONG_CALL_HANDLE This error indicates that call handle is invalid and call may be gone. No reported problems. Got a NULL terminal list returned from "getTerminals" (method "run" in class ThreadMakeCall). 13087 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD MAKECALL_ PROVIDER_GETADDRESS JTAPI Gateway – Error on MAKE CALL operation.

Call your support number. 37 A NetWare memory allocation call failed in the Tserver. The Cisco Peripheral Interface Module (PIM)—the Cisco proprietary interface between a peripheral and the Peripheral Gateway (PG)—does support call events on inside calls only when the agent's station is monitored by A NULL dialed number was specified for the consultation number. 13058 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD CONSULTATIONCALL_ CREATECALL_NULL_CALL JTAPI Gateway – Operation error on CONSULT operation. Cisco Finesse Error Codes The call type that the call was classified into is not allowed for the dialed Number Plan used. 10111 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ CANTGOREADYFROM CURRENTSTATE Cannot transition to READY from current state.

Music Unlimited Access over 1 million songs. The Device Identifier Is Not Valid Cti Os This error should never be returned to an application. http://music.yahoo.com/unlimited/ wsisk at cisco Oct11,2005,6:30PM Post #5 of 12 (3811 views) Permalink Re: CTI Manager Reason Codes [In reply to] error decodes from 4.1(3): CTI_S_OK =0x00000000; CTI_FAILURE =0x8CCC0000; CTI_FWD_TYPE_FWDALL = 0x8CCC0001; CTI_NULL_CI =0x8CCC0002; navigate to this website Pls send me the case number. /Wes Erick Bergquist wrote: Thanks.

Note The Swap feature is supported from the following ICM Versions: 05.0(00) SR13(00), 07.0(00) SR02(00), 06.0(00) SR05(00). Error 10150 Agent Is Already Logged In An instrument with the number specified cannot be found for any instrument. One of the most important functionalities is that it allows the agent to swap or alternate between primary and consult calls during a Consultation Call. Solution The agent in this example used EM on IP Communicator along with an IP phone.

The Device Identifier Is Not Valid Cti Os

An error response was received for a request issued to the call manager, but no error code could be extracted. Figure 2 – Cisco CTIOS Agent Softphone The corresponding log for the Peripheral Interface Manager (PIM) process displays these messages: 15:50:30 pg1A-pim1 Trace: TelephonyDriver:Login IP address Login Device ID 2001 Device Cti Warning The Device Identifier Is Not Valid If this event is generated by the Tserver, then there is a software problem with the Tserver. Ctios Failure Code 10 HOLDFAILED This error indicates that the hold was rejected by line control or call control layers ILLEGAL_CALLINGPARTY This error indicates that an attempt was made to originate call using a calling

If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command. Completing a conference or a transfer to a consulted agent on hold is not supported. This error will appear in the error log files and will indicate which field is invalid. Transferring conferences to an unobserved party is not supported. Finesse Error Code Cti-32

It shows theclient/server heartbeat then these having errors outof blue but can't figure out why other then the devicename not being liked occassionally. --- Wes Sisk <wsisk [at] cisco> wrote: I PERERR_CM Cisco CallManager generated the error. This would fail. The logical workstation number of the agent answering a call, if known, is placed in the LastRedirectDeviceID field in Common Error codes that may be encountered during various operations. (Last modified:

The connection specified for the HELD call is not in the held state (method "DirectSupervisorBargeIn" class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13109 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ INVALID_ACTION JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Invalid action. Ctios Reason Codes Outbound calls require that the CallPlacementType be specified in an outbound request. Perhaps an invalid extension was specified.' 3rd Level Text = '' 10101 PERERR_TELDRIVE_AGENTALREADYLOGGEDOUT 1st Level Text = 'The agent is already LOGGED out' 2nd Level Text = 'An attempt was made

Got an exception on a call to "disconnect" (method "DropSupervisorCall" in class ThreadSuperviseCall). 13105 PERERR_GW_E_THREAD SUPERVISECALL_ EXCEPTION_DISCONNECT2 JTAPI Gateway – Error on SUPERVISE operation – Exception.

If this event is generated by the Tserver, then there is a software problem with the Tserver. Consult the error log files for a corresponding error message. 1. CTIERR_RESOURCE_NOT_AVAILABLE This error indicates that resource is not available to fulfill the request CTIERR_START_MONITORING_FAILED This error indicates that start monitoring request failed CTIERR_START_RECORDING_FAILED This error indicates that start recording request failed Cisco Finesse "error Code: Cti-1" Figure 3 – Configuration Parameters Problem 2 Within the CTIOS client, all of the buttons are greyed out and the login option does not appear.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. NOTE: Multiple TSA streams to other drivers are allowed. Therefore, if an Alternate is done in the middle of a Transfer/Conference, the operation can only be completed after a second Alternate is done to restore status quo. This is a serious logic condition and should be reported/resolved. 10004 PERERR_TELDRIVE_ NOINSTRUMENTFOR EXTENSION The extension number specified is not associated with any known instrument.

Different launches of JTAPI would also send the traces to different folders. Pls send me the case >number. > >/Wes > >Erick Bergquist wrote: >Thanks.These are happening for a few out of the blue >prettymuch, they recently upgraded from 3.3 to 4.1 and The timer of the request has expired. Change the user's administration so that the user has permission to control the device through either the worktop object (worktop administration) or through the Call Control Access Group Classes Of Service

Rockwell Spectrum The dialed number is used for AgentID, AgentExtension, and AgentInstrument, except during agent login. Consult the error log files for a corresponding error message. 11 The Tserver was unable to allocate a piece of memory. 1. The connection ID is invalid' 3rd Level Text = '' 10135 PERERR_TELDRIVE_UNKNOWNAGENTID 1st Level Text = 'Unknown agent id specified' 2nd Level Text = 'The agent id specified on the LOGIN Try it free.

WrapupInMode is the wrapup mode variable for incoming calls and WrapupOutMode is the wrapup mode variable for outgoing calls. On the "Client Status Information" dialog box, highlight the client you wish to disconnect and select "View." On the "Client Detail Information" dialog box, use the "Drop Connections" option to drop By 'active' imean actively controlling the >AC Pilot Points. Will open TAC if needed next time a error occurs.

PERERR_JTCLIENT The JTAPI client generated the error. Determine why the Tserver administrator dropped the client connection. 44 The Tserver could not find a version stamp on the security database files. Usually this results > >inCTIERR_DEVICE_SHUTTING_DOWN = 0x8CCC009A; > because > >an app was controlling thedevice, but stopped, but > CM > >was not able to shutdown the device for > >somereason.HTH./Wes The telephony server translates this error into more specific errors which indicate which list the device is not on.

Try it free. If you're on 4.1 may I recommend the >TraceCollection Tool under application->install >plugins? Table 8Error code description Return Value/ Code Error Message Description -1 PERERR_UNKNOWN Unknown Peripheral Error.