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In the next shot he can be seen doing this again even though the tablet was already put in the bag. 29 of 30 found this interesting Interesting? More... Interesting? Later when he opens the armored car door to let Harvey Dent out, he is wearing a different pair.

The wires themselves were digitally removed in post production. 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? Edit Continuity mistake: During the stock exchange scene, after Bane says "Time to go mobile", the man with the laptop closes the laptop in the background and then does it again So I was wondering why this scene was apparently "misplaced" in its chronology. Edit Revealing mistake: In the chase scene, the police helicopter appears to have NYPD markings instead of Gotham Police. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0468569/goofs

Danny Goldring

Edit Continuity mistake: During the chase on the Lower Fifth, the lead SWAT van is hit by Peterbilt on the passenger side (with the driver side facing the water). A. However, in The Dark Knight, Fox gives Batman a new suit that makes him more agile but also "more vulnerable to knives and gunfire".

Edit t-6 Other mistake: During the scene where Catwoman steals Bruce Wayne's Lamborghini Aventador, the traffic lights are red, however traffic proceeds through the light as if it were green, along to release in late December by Johnny K. Latest blog posts 15 horror movie mistakes What was Thor doing during Captain America: Civil War? Batman The Dark Knight Prev Page 25 of 50 Next Prev Page 25 of 50 Next The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) The Goof: During the scene in which robot Gort picks up Helen

The end-zones of the football field change colors when it cuts. 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? The Dark Knight Script Assuming Batman does exactly what we see regarding the cable, the truck would have just torn the cable out of the asphalt along with the lamp posts, barely being slowed by The final rocket is intercepted by the tumbler after it jumps over a car. Simply because scenes aren't shown doesn't mean events didn't take place. 24 of 31 found this interesting Interesting?

When holding down in your 'CTRL-SHIFT' important go ahead and hit 'Enter'. 4. William Fichtner Open Occasion Viewer by clicking the beginning button Image from the Commence button, clicking Control panel, clicking Program and Safety, clicking Administrative Resources, after which you can double-clicking Celebration Viewer.? Ignoring this, if the cable's anchor held firm, the cable would more likely break. However both the CIA man at the beginning and Alfred's briefing indicate that Bane is a fairly well-known terrorist and mercenary and as the Police Commissioner of a major US city

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Trivia Many of the Gotham Rogues are played by members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Toggle navigation Menu Social Login Top pages Best mistakes Best pictures Most movie mistakes Most mistakes of 2016 Best mistakes of 2016 IMDb top 250 Recent updates Current releases Cinema/rental charts Danny Goldring Edit MadJax Continuity mistake: After Batman and Selina escape Bane's men on the roof-top, Batman flies with Selina in "the bat" and drops her off before returning to the batcave. The Dark Knight Imdb In the next shot, its completely shut and locked.

Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions Factual errors When the bad guys are taking over Gotham, there are a number of bridges blown up. Come on, continuity person! Hot Network Questions Fired because your skills are too far above your coworkers How to concentrate during conference talks where the quality of the presentation is poor? How Noticeable Is It: Very. Dark Knight Rises

Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions When they are trying to get Reese to safety, going into the alley and out of the building, And it doesn't even seem to have enough energy to make it to its target. In fact, it's beyond beloved, not only for Christopher Nolan's brilliant twist on the Batman mythos, but also for Heath Ledger's legendary performance as The Joker. Edit Revealing mistake: During the interrogation scene, when Gordon first enters, as he begins to close the door if you look in the glass reflection on Gordon's left (screen right), you

Edit Casual Person Character mistake: As Bruce Wayne is researching the jewel thief, the word "Heist" is spelled "Hiest" in a newspaper headline. Tom Hardy Edit jerseygop9886 Continuity mistake: The bleachers in the stadium are semi-empty in the aerial angles, but packed with people in the close-ups. Prev Page 32 of 50 Next Prev Page 32 of 50 Next Pulp Fiction (1994) The Goof: Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is given an adrenaline shot by Vincent Vega (John Travolta).

Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions In the scene where Batman jumps from the spiral parking lot ramp onto the Scarecrow's van, Batman is

You will see a 'permission dialogue' box. 5. How Noticeable Is It: Very. Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions When the Joker is in the Hospital with Two-Face, he's saying that "there was nothing personal", and grab How Noticeable Is It: If you’ve watched the film as many times as we have, you’ll definitely have picked up on this one.

The button is still required to be pressed to detonate the explosive.) 11 of 13 found this interesting Interesting? What is clearly the right side of the vehicle is marked on the print as the left elevation. 6 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? Strange poster 7 biggest mistakes in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Batman and Superman - 30 biggest movie mistakes Captain America: Civil War trailer 2 First look at The vehicle features a set of 4 rear wheels, yet only a single set of tire tracks are left in its path.

When the bullet had been reconstructed, it would have only been a partial print. 27 of 29 found this interesting Interesting? Joker's hairstyle keeps swapping between two different styles, depending on the camera angle. Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions Revealing mistakes In the football stadium explosion scene, the camera quickly shifts from a ground view of the Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions When we see the video of The Joker interrogating the fake Batman and he points the camera at

Given that the first plane was there just to pick Bruce up and get him to Hong Kong via non-official means, there is no reason to suspect that its crew knew Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions In the scene that Bruce is taking care of the injury in his arm and Alfred starts to Edit BocaDavie 1 2 3 4 5All» Top of page Follow You may like... This page may be out of date.

Edit Sacha Audio problem: When Batman and Catwoman meet at the sewers, the angles of her swap between frontal and side shots. Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions Crew or equipment visible In the holding cell, when Batman smashes The Joker against the wall, a camera Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook | Twitter | Permalink Hideoptions When Rachel is thrown out the window and Batman dives out to save her, we never see Batman