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I also believe it supports American style shorthand dates (eg 1-JAN-2012) for conversion. So is there some sort of issue where an Image (BLOB field) cannot be selected in a SQL Statement with a summing function. LinearModelFit with Dataset PPCG Jeopardy: Cops Should testers have access to view developers code? Tomando en cuenta que el campo de la tabla destinado en Firebird es de tipo TIMESTAMP.Espero que puedan apoyarme ya que no he encontrado mucha información respecto a este punto.Saludos sarriaga http://comscity.net/conversion-error/conversion-error-from-string.html

Boa sorte e bons cdigos!

0|0 Sanz   - 13 mar 2013 Martins, Ento meu amigo, o Script SQL no Ibexpert est rodando certinho mas tem que ser no formato de I'm quite surprised that Firebird actually accepts the SQL. Conversion error from string "$$$###" Thread: Overflow occurred during data type conversion. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up conversion error from string, when using params in SQL up vote 1 down vote favorite using Delphi 2010 (Firebird [testing], MS Sql see this

Use 'dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm:ss' or 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss' formats. Mensagem do erro DYNAMIC SQL ERROR SQL ERRORCODE = -104 TOKEN UNKNOWN -LINE 2, COLUMN32 2 O Cdigo com as sugestes dos amigos axima ficou da seguinte forma: #Cdigo DM.ibtblEntPai.Filtered:= False; How could I make a MAC two time secure?

conversion error from string "{2EE94DD7-7AB4-4424-87A5-3FE2A61C7702}". Как это полечить? спаисбо за рание Пока кто-то что-то хочет, другой это уже получает! (c) SilverShield Сообщ. #2, 04.08.06, 06:13 Full Member Профиль · PM Рейтинг Contribute to OSS Development, fill bug reports! Maybe this will help you or somebody else. Member : : 323 "2006-07-24" ? 24 06, 10:29[2916318] | Re: conversion error from string [new] MPD Member : - : 175

The internal storage of date/time fields varies between different DB Engines. LCD RGB Grove with RPI My boss asks me to stop writing small functions and do everything in the same loop Why are static password requirements used so frequently? So I get the resulting row of: Reference : Firstname : Image2 : TotalFieldA in one line. http://zeoslib.sourceforge.net/viewtopic.php?t=2219 Sendo assim, estou marcando este tpico como resolvido.

0|0 Esse tpico j foi resolvido.

Why is nuclear waste more dangerous than the original nuclear fuel? sarriaga Perlero Nuevo Mensajes: 69Registrado: 2013-10-21 08:42 @404 Arriba Re: conversion error from string en Firebird por explorer » 2014-02-28 08:27 @394 Para recuperar un BLOB no hay que hacer Does Harley Quinn ever have children? En este foro podrás encontrar y hacer preguntas básicas de Perl con respuestas aptas a tu nivel.

I hope this helps. http://www.sql.ru/forum/317981/conversion-error-from-string I only shoed the example asString to say that i get the same error –Blow ThemUp Oct 28 '12 at 23:28 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote String to Mensagem do erro DYNAMIC SQL ERROR SQL ERRORCODE = -104 TOKEN UNKNOWN -LINE 2, COLUMN32 2 O Cdigo com as sugestes dos amigos axima ficou da seguinte forma: #Cdigo DM.ibtblEntPai.Filtered:= False; Arabic — what are the differences?

If so, rewrite your use of TRUNC to: CAST( AS DATE) And the condition (Trunc(p.start_time) >= :beginDateRange) AND (Trunc(p.start_time) <= :endDateRange) to: CAST(p.start_time AS DATE) BETWEEN :beginDateRange AND :endDateRange share|improve this http://comscity.net/conversion-error/conversion-error-definition.html Browse other questions tagged delphi delphi-2010 firebird or ask your own question. Posted via ActualForum NNTP Server 1.3 24 06, 11:49[2916800] | Re: conversion error from string [new] Member : , : 27439 , fynda! Arabian vs.

Conversion error from string "$$$###". Lo que debes elegir es cuál de todos esos formatos que te pone el manual debes escoger. Both my start and end fields are DateTime fields. Check This Out Execute s o Script SQL no IBExpert e veja se est filtrando certo.Citao: DM.ibtblEntPai.Filter:= ('ENTPAI_DATA_ENTRADA BETWEEN ' + Formatdatetime('yyyy.mm.dd',dataini) + ' AND ' + Formatdatetime('yyyy.mm.dd',datafim)); Mude para: #Cdigo DM.ibtblEntPai.Filter:= 'ENTPAI_DATA_ENTRADA >='

With Firebird 2.5 and above you can use a regular expression to check whether the string is a valid number before converting it. So if you execute your program on a computer with different than US Locale (like Mine) - it's likely to fail if using "10/25/2012". Register Lost Password?

Romkin Сообщ. #6, 04.08.06, 08:51 Profi Профиль · PM Поощрения: 6 Dgm Рейтинг (т): 156 Проверить Foreign keys, triggers и тд Beware the wild rabbit.

On which physical drive is this logical drive? Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Interbase: conversion error from string “” up vote 1 down vote favorite I'm running IB2009 and I'm trying to count the number Obrigado.

0|0 Martins   - 13 mar 2013 Citao:Pessoal, Fiz algumas modificaes no cdigo e agora o eero parece ser de sql, porm no consigo enchergar o mesmo. How do I get the last lines of dust into the dustpan?

Conversion error from string "$$$###" Share This Thread  Tweet This + 1 this Post To Linkedin Subscribe to this Thread  Subscribe to This Thread March 21st, 2010,11:51 PM #1 Mas eu tentaria alterar isso:Citao: DM.ibtblEntPai.Filter := ('ENTPAI_DATA_ENTRADA BETWEEN ' + dataini + ' AND ' + datafim); Por isso:Citao: DM.ibtblEntPai.Filter := ('ENTPAI_DATA_ENTRADA BETWEEN ' + QuotedStr(dataini) + ' AND ' If i change it to the following : ParamByName('beginDateRange').AsString := formatDateTime('mm/dd/yyyy',Date - 30).....i get the error "conversion error from string - 10/25/2012" reserching this error has provided me no new avenues, http://comscity.net/conversion-error/firebird-date-format.html I'm quite surprised that Firebird actually accepts the SQL.

In this example, string 'ch' will be converted to integer. So if you feed a date/time conversion function with string that does not match your date part of the locale - you will get similar errors. You're quite correct regarding the 'AND'/'OR' though - there should definitely be an 'AND' there in stead. Links Firebird News FlameRobin Home Inventory powered by FB Add content Advertise About The Firebird FAQ Categories NewbiesSQLInstallation and setupBackup and restorePerformanceSecurityConnectivity and

Why has the vi chord no tonic function, i.e. Hi Mark, while I prepared the example I have uncovered where I mistook. Posted via ActualForum NNTP Server 1.3 24 06, 12:49[2917239] | Re: conversion error from string [new] MPD Member : - : 175 , MPD! : MPDM> What you see in your DB Management Software ("10/25/2012 9:20:49 AM" in your case) is the string representation of the data field, usually formatted (again) according your user Locale share|improve this

Education or employment: What is a post-doc? Thanks. Conversion error from string "A" The problem was, that i compared code field with 0 Integer, when i needed to use '0' - string! I use delphi 5 with zeos 6.6.4.

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i added the second example in my post to show that if I change my params to AsString, i get the same error –Blow ThemUp Oct 28 '12 at 23:26 Thanks! If the query is supposed to return rows where the field is neither NULL nor empty I believe your WHERE clause should be WHERE A.VARCHARFIELD1 IS NOT NULL AND A.VARCHARFIELD1 <>